Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Garden Island


What a great weekend!!! We went to Kaua'i, stayed at a great B&B, Hale Lani, and went to the beach every day!


This is the light house that we saw the 1st day.

Anini Beach was so nice....fine sand, clear water, and some cool drift wood. (check next post)


We stopped at a fruit stand and got some pineapple-guava juice and apple-bananas.


Lydgate Park was cool. Good for the boys - shallow.


At the Hawaiian Village, they made these cool birds for the boys, out of palm leaves, very sweet. Too bad the boys beat each other with them till they were broken birds.


The Twin Falls in Wailua were on the way to our B&B.

Merrill LOVED the extra big-"Fit for a King" out-house, even though he didn't actually use it.

Monday, April 14, 2008

MY 2 Boys.

I LOVE THEM! They are so funny. Braxton has started to pretend things.
We have been watching and Braxton has decided that the futon is
his boat. He has been "Crab fishing" 3 times today.
Tonight he was looking at his books, and I said,
"Come over here and I will read you one."
"No Mom, I'm the library worker guy"
There are more, but I forget them....I do write them down, and I hope there are more!
Merrick is funny too. But in a different way. He has started throwing fits......and Braxton never did that. He will start marching really fast, to the point that I think he might loose a leg. On the other hand, when he is quiet, he is a sweet little boy and I love him.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Can This Count as Family Night?

I think my boys are too funny. Braxton has been talking about this for days.

How they play at here are some demos.

The new do.

The boys got hair cuts the other day....From me. I think they are OK....Merrick didn't hold still long enough for me to finish, but I don't really care. Merrick likes to sit up at the counter with Braxton and not in his high-chair. I think it is cute.....but a little weired looking. he isn't even 2 yet. We bust out the play-doh every day now, so that I can clean the kitchen....and they love it.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Grammie! Here I come!

Braxton found this box with all my mailing stuff that I have just in case I need to mail something un-planned for. Merrill asked if he was going to "Mail himself to grandma"? Braxton said "NO!" So Merrill walked out.

A few minuets later Braxton told Merrill that he was "ready for him to mail him to grandmas!"

Merrill thought that it might be a long way, so he got him a sipper cup with some pineapple juice, and Braxton walked out to wait for the mail man.

After waiting a few minuets, Braxton wondering where the mail mad was, I remembered that it was Sunday.....Darn - the mail man doesn't come on Sunday!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

A few more.............

I just love these pictures, and the people in them.


I know you all want to see the Random people from the PCC. So here they are:

Best for last: