Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kick Ball II

Here are a few more pictures from the game.
"Wow - this durt is really cool....letts kick it some and pick it up and through it at each other"
"Whooo! Good game!"
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Kick Ball!!!

We are real parents now! We have joined the millions who have their kids in a team sport! Kick Ball started last week and we had our first game yesterday - Happy Birthday Coach Merrill! If you have ever seen a chicken with its head cut off - just think of that X20. There are 10 kids per team and they all get a turn to kick per inning. And we have 2 innings. So each kid got 2 kicks and 2 "go get the ball the other team just kicked!" We are the Fireflies and we are orange (Braxton was so glad!) They all did a good job kicking the ball after 3 practice kicks all before the ball even got to them! Its too funny!
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So last night at 10:30 we thought our neighbors had a strobe light on or something crazy! It wasn't - there was a crazy storm going on out our bathroom window. I took a few pictures. Some look lighter then others because the shutter stayed open longer and got more of the street light.....but the sky was awesome!
This last one was my favorite - but its blurry....I swore there were Greek gods up there last night!
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sophie Some More

She is almost crawling....and about to cut her two bottom teeth. I love having a girl!
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Before my dad came to our house - he was in Arkansas - so we went and got him. We also got to stay at Wynn and Jocelyn's house for a few nights and see Auntie and Grandpa Keith. The boys loved seeing everyone. And fishing!
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My Dad's Visit!

So I'm a bad blogger...School started for Merrick (pre school) and I have just been not on the computer....but here are some pictures from the big trip. My dad came out to help us put cupboards in the laundry room, our bathroom, and the half-bath downstairs. He also put up some storage things in the garage, a medicine cabinet in our bathroom and spring hinges (the boys think they are MAGIC!) on the back and garage door. It is so nice to have all my make up off the counter, and all the towels in a spot - instead of everywhere! And to have a place for bathroom stuff - toilet paper! - instead of the top of the toilet! Thanks so much Dad!
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