Friday, February 26, 2010


I have tried a few times to get movies to work on this dang thing...and they just wont. So I have started a Flip Channel. If you want to see them - and get updates when I put a new one on - comment with your email address and I will add you to my list of special people who get to see them. I wont post your comment/email for everyone to don't worry. LOVE Makenna

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Warning - Giant Bow Ahead!

Some friends here gave this giant bow/feather thing to Sophie for her birthday. She was letting it stay on - so I got a few shots....I think its hilarious.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weekend up-date

We had an FRG party this weekend. FRG is a Army thing for the families of soldiers who are deployed. We had a Super Hero Party. I am a good mom (I like to think) and made capes for the children in my family.
We also had a V-day party with Merrick's preskool....they decorated cup cakes and ate the tops....Merrick is messy (like all 3 year-olds) but he loved it.
We also went to Costco this weekend. I love Costco. We go every month (it is an hour drive) and stock up on juice, diapers, wet wipes, meat, bread, and this time - an iTouch. We had some guys, who are set to deploy, over for dinner on Sunday and one of them had an naturally Merrill needed to go get one ASAP. Braxton is very has lots of games- and Jake should be excited too - Braxton wont be asking to use his iPhone anymore when we see you guys!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Feb. Birthdays

Braxton got to invite friends from church and school over for his birthday. They played with balloons, had Hot Dogs, Cupcakes, and got to open presents! For a game we decorated balloons with face stickers, and then popped them out in the garage right before the party was over.
With the gift cards fron the grand parents, he was able to get 2 big sets of Legos - and he has them all put together. He can put them together all by him self too!
For Sophie we didnt have anyone over - like she cares! We had a chocolate bundt cake and she was so funny! didnt want to touch it. Both grandparents sent $$$ (she started dancing to the music in the card from my parents. It was so cute...she is such a girl!) so we got a ball popper thing from Target and a new front-facing car seat! Now she can see where we are going all the time. Merrill got her a glow worm on his way home from work - she is very in to babies! She wants to haul them around where ever she goes....and a baby isnt a baby doll - its any REALLY soft stuffed animal or glow worm.
I am too frustrated with this blogger thing to get all the pictures in the right you can figure it out on your own.