Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Projects!

The school district here does a big Holiday Party for all the schools. It was at the high school last week and since I was alone with the kids, we all went. HOLY COW. I dont know if I have ever felt so out numbered. I saw a few families that matched ours. They had tables and tables of OTC crafts - and glue and stuff to put them together. Yeah right was I going to do that! We are talking 12 projects per kid! Instead of picking a few and doing them there - we went to every table, got the projects, stuffed them in my bag, and got our balloons and faces painted, and went home. Face Paintings
Saturday morning was the big project day. I got out the glue gun and went to town! the boys love a good project...and so do I. Who doesn't love 2 hours of free stuff to do with your kids?!
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Merrick with his elf face, ginger bread woman, frame, candy cane holder, Christmas tree, and candy cane ornament.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B with the same - of his projects.^

Family Night

For family night we talked about Temples. Nephi built one, so we did too. We tried to do the Salt Lake temple, out of Legos.
^This is Braxton putting in the "flooring" ^
The boys did most of the planning, I did most of the building. those little bits and pieces are hard to get together! Braxton is very proud of our Temple, and it will be on top of the TV till after the new year.
The boys are way in to Legos right now and we got a bunch from an art store that is going out of business, they were the ones for kids to play with while the parents shopped.....we got them all and the cool table with the bucket in the middle for $40. Not bad - its way more then $40 worth of I'm happy.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Boy Toys

Here is B when we said he could open his present. (We decided that these would help on the plane - so Open them before the trip and take them with us.)
Here is Merrick after he barfed on the carpet, we got it cleaned up, and he is going to open his present.
Here are the boys after B got yelled at for not waiting for us to clean up the barf (he went on opening his present even thought we were not watching and taking pictures) - he is smiling extra big because he knows we wanted to see him open the present (and didn't get to). So he is making up for it.
Here is Merrick opening a game for the Leapster.
And B doing the same.

Sophie's Present

Merrill is going to Alabama in a few hours - so we wanted to do our small Christmas here with him (since he will get back after the kids and I have gone to California) Sophie was first. She got a little train that shoots balls and you can make it move or stay still. She loves it! She is happy here - even though she looks like she might be yelling and upset.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas is Coming!

Even thought we are going to my parents house for the holiday - Merrick wanted to get out the tree and stuff yesterday - so Merrill did as he was asked. Climbed up the ladder in the garage and got the tree and 2 boxes of stuff we needed to get Christmas up.
After Braxton ignored me and got out our Tree Mugs - dropped it and shattered one - and we got that mess cleaned up - and yelled at the kids about listening to your parents! - we got the tree set up, decorated, and the mess cleaned up.
Sophie has pink eye still (just like Merrick and Braxton did a little bit ago) so her picture isn't the best - but she is smiling good - and you can see her teeth - so I put it up anyways....and she is favorite right now, since she cant talk back.