Saturday, December 22, 2007


So we are all ready for the big wedding...I hope. Do I take the cheesecakes out of the freezer now - or wait till morning? Pictures to follow.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Saturday, December 15, 2007


I found this on some blog while searching "Christmas Lights at temple square" Kinda cool.... It’s amazing what people can do with a watermelon. The pictures above are real, including those odd-looking square melons. They’re grown in Japan by farmers who place the growing melons into a tempered glass container, causing them to assume that square shape as they grow. It is done for a very practical reason: space. The square melons don’t take up as much room in the refrigerator. I’m not sure, however, if it is an ultimately practical solution, as they cost around $82 (USD) each. An average watermelon in Japan costs $15-$17 (USD). I hope they’re good.

Excuse me, how do we get out of here?

_____________________________________________________ Every night we go for a walk as a family. After the boys are tubbed and in their jammies, teeth are brushed, and scriptures are read. With Christmas around the corner the big thing to do is look for lights....and Merrick yelling, "Iseeeeeit!!!". We are not the only ones out looking for good lights. We get stopped a few times a week by a car passing us by that is lost. They drive around and get lost. With all the crazy Hawaiian names, who can blame them? I just wonder why they always ask, "How do we get to the Wal*Mart from here?" Is that like the big land-mark?

If you are going to take your family for a Christmas-light-looking-drive, at least pay attention enough so that you can get them home.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Christmas Present!

Merrill got me this cool set of copper pans from

Since they got here before our trip, I had to open them. I love them. See??

They are just so SHINY! And heavy......that's how you can tell the were expensive. His love knows no bounds!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sour baby!

I love Merrick's face!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Merrick can talk...see?!

This is the latest trick.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christmas card

This is our card for the year....don't worry - yours is in the mail! (If I have your address)

Friday, December 7, 2007

How tired can you be?!


Yesterday Ellie and I took the boys all down to the Children's Discovery Center in Honolulu. Merrick was running around for 2 hours there, only had a 45 min. nap, and then played till 7:30. He fell to sleep on the way home from the commissary, and I THOUGHT he would wake up a little for a tub. (He does love his tubbies so much.) But he managed to sleep all the way through. He did very well at sitting up and not falling over. At one point he did almost lay down, but decided against it.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

How do you like them Bananas?


These are the bananas that Braxton picked out at the commissary. "Its broke" he says.

Shampoo Mo-hawks


Isn't it fun to be a boy and be able to get your hair done all nice while in the tub?

I know that Merrick looks like he is having a good time...but he is really just excited to see that we are going to take some pictures!
Sweet brothers!

Christmas Lights!


We found a few well-decorated houses on 3 streets that put our pathetic attempt at putting lights up to shame. I felt like we were at the Del Mar Fare....and that we should be throwing balls in to old-looking milk-jugs to win a mega big teddy bear.

This one even had a craft show in their garage! (not with stuff for sale, but it did take me back to the years when our house was turned into a store for others to come sell their "Crafts"....we came to call it the "Crap Show")

I don't know if you can tell -
but there are MANY
blow-up snowmen and santas
in most of the yards.

I would hate to be this guy (the one dim star on a street of brightly shining suns)

Monday, December 3, 2007

They belong in the pool.....

_______________________________________________________________________ We met someone that moved here just a few weeks ago. Merrill is going to be moving to a different Troop - and this new guy (Dork) is going to take his place. Turns out he and his wife are weired. She has MAJOR food and corn are the big ones (and they are big...they are in EVERYTHING is seems). She cant even ware some how is it that she has not 1, but 2 cats?! And get this - to move to Hawaii you have to have your pets in quarantine for a month or something...ahh...what a hassle. But for her it was a blessing.....according to her, one cat do you say?.......Depressed (her word - not mine) but I guess quarantine can be good for a cat. She has it back (the depressed one) and can only say one thing.
"It is just glad to be back with it's people."
Here is what I have to say to that:

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Thursday, November 29, 2007

OK - I am it.

Six things you might not know about me......some of you will. 1 ~ When i was in high school I had the coolest room. I had black and white photos from magazines covering every inch of my bedroom walls....I had about 300 glow in the dark stars.....and a strobe light. That turned out to be a bad thing (the strobe light). Natalie and our cousin Jordan (who were little at the time) decided to play in my room one night with the strobe light. Jordan got dizzy and fell in to my mirror. She was OK - but the mirror SHATTERED. You could even see where her nose made contact. My dad had to get me a new mirror door.
2 ~ I have had 3 broken arms. All happened at the Tanner's house. And all at Easter time. The day of, the Saturday before, and the Friday before. I don't go to there house anymore on or around Easter.
3 ~ I love EBay. Even if I don't like something a LOT, I will bid in it only to see the bid go up. I am more cautious now because of a lesson I learned from my dad. He saw a Harley that had no bids. He thought he would get it going....and no one else bid on he had to buy it. All $14,000 of it. I keep my bids to a limit of $50.
4 ~ Coconut is my favorite flavor/fruit. I love to eat it raw the most. Living in Hawaii has been very nice for this. You can get a zip-loc baggie for $3 at the farm stand at the Dole Plantation. That is a must-stop when ever we go up the the north shore. It makes a great snack while you are sifting through the sand.
5 ~ All but one calling I have ever had in church (since I have been married) have been in Primary. I have been a teacher every time up until now - I am the Secretary. In charge of making sure that the talk, scripture, and prayer are assigned each week.
6 ~ Today is Merrill and mine anniversary. 5 years. 2 kids. 5 moves. (Utah, Alabama, Hawaii, California, Hawaii)


Hayley (who already did it, so you are off the hook)




Tag I am it.....

I got tagged and am supposed to post 6 things you might not know about me. I will think about it really hard and get back to you (thats what she said).

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Dumb-Dumb want Gum-Gum

If you have seen Night at the Museum, then you get this.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Kitchen Talk

I am in love with my Kitchen Aid. It is just like this one.

I would love if I had this big stainless steal thing in my kitchen, but I don't think it would fit. I would also like to have this stove/oven someday....So I will keep saving my money.

Instead - I have this to work with:

I guess it will do.

The PX

As a military wife, there are many little perks that I get to partake of. The PX (Post eXchange) is one of them, along with free prescriptions if you are willing to wait 45 minutes, and the Commissary: the on-post grocery store (That one I really do like....they have real vanilla for like $2!). The PX is a little like Wal*Mart. But as you can see from the picture below, they have a much higher standard for the things they sell. And this was on the clearance rack! How could it end up there you ask?! Well - lucky for me it cost under $10 - with no tax! (another thing that is nice about shopping on post - no sales tax) Very easily am I able to go in to the PX and drop a nice chunk of change on a lot of things I don't really need, but at the time, feel like I can NOT live without. The more I think about it - Its kinda like Target too.......
***Don't worry - I didn't really buy this***

Thursday, November 22, 2007


So I have a new thing that I really enjoy. Brushing my teeth in the shower. I do it at the very start while the water is getting warm. Then when I am all done showering - Its like I don't have to brush my teeth! The bad thing is this: Tonight when I was done, I tossed my tooth brush over the top of the shower aiming for the sink. But it landed behind the toilet. UAHH! I guess I will go to Wal*Mart tomorrow to get a new one.....and not do my showering and brushing at the same time anymore. =( Too bad because it saved me some time......although I know my dad would just die to know that I am wasting water.

Cheese Cakes

This is what I made today. Cheese cakes. 4 minies - Merrill likes the Reeses, and I like the that is what I made. They are very good! We made Pizza too. Yes - that is what you get when you went to Cooking School. If you ask me - It looks like everyone really liked it.

Dang I am a good wife/mom!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I am getting smarter

Look what I can do with this blog thing!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Good Clean Fun

Tub time is so fun at our house.
Check out the fun faces Merrick can make:

Braxton has more limited face-making skills.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


I am a little sick of living in Hawaii....but it is fun to see these all the time!

Wax Teeth

I love Wax teeth. Braxton does too....but he doesn't get that you are NOT supposed to bite off the little nub, but use it to keep them in your mouth and wave at people that drive by you.

I really like to chew the wax after to make sure you get all the "flavor" out before you spit it out in the little shards that it becomes.