Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pool and Beef

The boys are looking good in their new speedos. They didn't like how their shorts would get stuck on the slide, so we fixed it. (the previous solution was being naked, not so great when we are in public or had friends over!) their legs were really white, but their tan is catching up to the rest of their bodies.
So we bought a cow - a half a calf. The day we got it (and loaded it in the freezer - good thing we got one for the garage!) we grilled a sirloin steak. It was as big as a dinner plate. We had it with cor on the cob, and potatoes. So good. grass fed beef is just different tasting, almost a little gamie to me, but good! And since we bought it from a local place, I talked to the owner and know it wasn't given hormones/shots/antibiotics. We also made tacos - just a different taste....fresher or something. Today we are doing an Arm Roast in the crock pot, so we will see how that tastes....but Im sure it will be good!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The kids in the pantry - Sophie is having rasins and the boys are sitting on our buckets of wheat.
Sophie has started to make this evil eye thing....she will do it a few times, laughing in between each one. Its very funny.
So we have been busy. We just got back from KY on Sunday (where I didnt take a singel picture, we kinda go in stages where we take a lot, and none at all) It was a fun trip with Jen's family - I think Braxton got more game time last week then he did all school year!
Since its summer, we have been doing a lot of swimming - the boys got speedos - so they look real good.
Not much more to report, just happy to be here in Tx where its hot and have a yard thats big enough for the kids to run around in.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Just words

I don't have any pictures, and would be to lazy to get up and get the camera, and hook it up, and all that. But I did want to post something else I now do all the time. Soak my wheat. And I have a good pancake recipe to share. Soaking the grains (whole wheat flour, oats, etc) in buttermilk, whey, yogurt, kefir, or water and lemon juice starts to break down the grain/wheat. Making it better to eat, easier for the body to get the good stuff out of it, and less hard on the digestive system. The pancakes we have been making are easy, because you can use buttermilk from the grocery store. Unlike the whey - that we have to make from our raw milk. We also have figured out the best combo of flour to use: half Kamut and half Oat flour. The night before you need to mix (in a glass container) 2 cups whole flour 2 cups buttermilk cover it and let it sit on the COUNTER over night. In the morning add 2 eggs 1 t baking soda 1/2 t salt That's it - cook like you could regular pancakes! They are even more healthy if you have them with maple syrup instead of that high-fructose-corn syrup syrup. We love them!