Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dish Soap Anyone?

I cant wait to have this baby. I am tired, achy, worn out, have a sore butt and just done hauling another person around. I know after I have this baby that I will have other aches and pains, the joys of recovery! But I am ready to trade what I have for what I know will come. I would also rather get up a few times in the night to feed the baby then get up 7 times to pee a whole tablespoon....what a wast of time! Right?!
This is all the stuff I went through with the boys....and this one. But this one has been made extra fun with something they call Pica. I have non-food cravings. It is said that an Iron deficiency is the cause......and I have always known that I was low on iron.....but this it getting silly.
Check this out.
Really - read some of the "Community Answers" at the bottom of the page, then come back and read about my cravings.
I think that dishwasher soap smells SOOO good! I would sniff it more, but the dust kinda stings my nose (not really, but I know it would if I tried). I love the smell of the green VitaBath. I also want to lick weired foam. I have found that brushing my tong with a LOT of toothpaste (and the right toothbrush) helps that craving go away. I do not crave ice like a lot of others. Hayley - do you?
And to top it off - Tonight while watching Dirty Jobs, they were painting the inside and out of some kind of big container with really strong paint -I thought, "I bet that smells SO GOOD!" I wish I could have been there to smell it.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


We are running out of things to do here in Sierra Vista.....since last year. Today there was no school - so we did a few V-day projects. This web site has been nice...ideas that I change a little.
First - Hats with bouncy hearts. And then some hand-painted heart cards. It only killed an hour but we will get some of the pictures printed and put some cards together later, so that will take a little more time. Then we will have to walk all the way across the street to mail them - and that will take another few minutes.
I feel like all we are doing is waiting. For the kids to grow up - and for me to have this baby! Its so boring sometimes.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I like no naps.....

Neither of the boys took naps today - I know a lot of moms would go crazy - but I almost like it. When they don't nap - they go to bed at like 7:30 (insted of 9!). We eat, tub, brush teeth, then go for a walk - and they are out! Braxton woke up when we got home, but fell back to sleep on the couch after telling us he was ready to watch a show. Now we can watch Fringe and Scrubs in peace!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2 Weeks To Go!

Well - 2 weeks from yesterday. I think it is time to vote. When do you think I will have this baby?! The Dr. will (he said) not let me go PAST my due date - Feb. 9th - so don't be dumb and vote for something past that, or you wasted your vote. Who ever gets the closest (date AND time) will get something in the mail.....if I have your address. So good luck!

Just a funny picture - of my belly reflection on my Kitchen Aid bowl.

Cream Puffs!

My sister-in-law Jessica got me a FAT cook book for Christmas.
Since I have Annie here at my house to help me eat all our food, we have been testing out some stuff from this MASSIVE book.
First we tried the Berry Turnovers....yumm! Didn't LOOK good enough that I took a picture - but they were good.
Then we tried the Cream Puffs (Pate A Choux with Vanilla Pastry Cream). They were way good! The filling wasn't as thick as I would have liked....but that made it fun to watch Braxton try and eat one with out getting it ALL OVER.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I know - you wish you lived here too.

This was at the #2 restaurant in all of Sierra Vista - Texas Roadhouse. We got one and thought we would share.

I am bummed that the date had already we didn't find out till it was over, thus, we have missed our chance to be the best martial artists in the UNIVERSE!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

37 Weeks! (tomorrow)

Merrill and Annie and Braxton
Here is a current picture - in Merrill's Dr. Pepper pants - the only ones that are not too tight. I can still sport my GAP jeans that I have had since Braxton - but who wants to put on real clothes on a Sunday after church?!

Monday, January 12, 2009


After Merrill's family all left, Merrill and I took the kids and drove to California for that 4 day weekend - New Year's. I didnt take any pictures - but Merrill and I went to Tanners for a party, played the movie game, and ate food. Merrill was tired from driving - so he went up stairs and slept on the couch in the TV room till it was time to go.
Annie (who is home from BYU Idaho) stayed at the house and watched the boys.
We had a nice weekend - eating at all the good places. We went to Play Werx is Carlsbad and the boys had a great time - So did Merrill.
When it was time to go home - Annie came with us. So she is here having all the fun Sierra Vista has to offer till I have the baby. She has watched the boys for us a few times...once for a 'hot date' (Braxton's words).

Today we took the boys out to ride their scooters (Thanks aunt Jenn!) and I thought I would take a few pictures. So here they are.....Boys on scooters and Annie.

And one of me - so you can all see how good I look being 36 weeks along. Only 4 to go!

Friday, January 9, 2009


I know its late - but I am only 4 weeks from my due date - and am laying down a lot.
Here is an action shot Christmas morning - after Neil and his family came over. (They flew in and drove 3 hours the night before - so they were not up early like us.)
Braxton and Merrick opening their stockings Christmas night (we forgot them with all the family here - so we did it in the room with just Merrill and I and the boys)
Jenn's kids and my kids - - Like I said, Neil and his family were sleeping in because of the late arrival.
I dont think we have even taken any pictures since the family left. We went to California the day we took Merrill's parents to the airport - for the 4 day weekend - and Annie came back with us - so she will be here till the baby comes. I hope its sooner then later! I feel so big (even though I dont look it) I cant bend over to tie my shoes. This baby is staying close to my insides and not popping out - yet. I hope sooner then later - because I am due Feb 9 - and the packers are coming the 17th. Wont that be fun?! We will be at a hotel till the 19th or 20th when we get to DRIVE to California. (Me and the kids - Merrill will be driving to Alabama) Gotta love the Army.