Wednesday, April 29, 2009

For The Nursing-Challenged

Check this out....My friend had one and loved it!

Savannah - Part 3

After lunch we met up with Jenn, Josh and the kids.
They drove down to meet us and let the cousins play...but lets face it - Jenn wanted to see Sophie, and who could blame her. We hung out for a little on some benches while I fed the babe, and the kids climbed a tree and got some energy out. (Energy that came from the giant suckers from the Savannah Candy Co. - thanks cousins!)
It was nice, except for that darn bus that decided to start up 30 minutes before anyone got on and gas us with the exhaust.

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Pirate House! Savannah - Part 2

After strawberry picking we went to the mini zoo in Savannah. More a wildlife preserve/showcase then anything, the cow was the big hit. The cougar was napping, and red fox was sitting in the shade. It was way hot - so I cant blame them. (the 'zoo' was rather lame, but I am used to the World Famous Wild Animal Park, so really, what did I think it would be like?) At least we got a cute picture of Conner with his new best friends!
The Pirate House was yummm! I had a Ruben and Merrill had a burger, the boys had the dog. I get so sick of paying $5 a pop for a hot dog and fries....cant I just get the nasty fries? Guess not....
The kids menus were fun, they punched out in to these awesome hats, with eye patch, earring, and money. Much better then the crayon type that my kids break the crayons in half and are done. And Merrill even got to enjoy them!

Savannah - Part One

We met up with Sean - Merrill's best friend from high school - Barb, and their son Conner who is 3, first thing in the morning and went to the Bamboo Farm to pick strawberries! For $2 a pound, you can pick as many as you want, and I guess we wanted a lot....we picked 4 pounds! And they were so good!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nursing Pro Tips

Always have a little blanki to cover up the 'skin' on the can always use your shirt to cover your boob. I didnt even know Merrill had taken that picture of me feeding Sophie....and didnt look close enough to think I should not put it on the web!!! But oh well.....I like feeling better about my mad nursing skills from the nice comments.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Panama City Beach!

Merrill had a check ride yesterday - and passed. So today was a off day - and we went to Panama City Beach - it was so nice - hot but brezzy - and the kids just played in the water the whole time! To make it fun for me - we got Sophie a swimsuite at The Childrens Place....and I think its soo cute!!! Dont you?!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What We Are Doing

We have been doing nothing. Getting up and staying in our jammies till about 10 then getting dressed so we can watch Noggin all day long.....Boring.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I know a secret!

My sister-in-law Jessica found out what she is having!!! Check out her blog to see pictures!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Eggs

Merrick didnt get the whole - use the dipper - thing. So his hand got dirty a little bit. But lucky for us, it came out in the tub that night - I dont know how - it just did. So I would say we had a good time dying eggs.

Happy Easter!

Easter church clothes.
(Merrick's hair is getting too long for a nice church-do....hence the mess of a mop he has)
Isnt Sophie's dress cute?! (its still a little big, but I had to try - Thanks Thyers!)
The boys woke up to a fun Easter - thank you WalMart - of candy and cheap toys. I didnt want to spend much since it is all going to get trashed when we go back to California. So it was candy-pooping-wind-up animals and $1 kites for everyone!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


We went to Florida to see the home of the Blue Angels yesterday and today. We stayed at the Navel AFB in Pensacola...nice and cheep! We spent more time at the museum then at the beach because we have a new baby and no beach stuff....but it was a fun day!
Beach on the way to the car....