Sunday, May 24, 2009


I don't get to say that very often, but it is in order this week! Merrill
got a call on Tuesday letting him know he will be the
Rear D Commander......meaning he will be staying in Texas and
NOT going to Iraq. So we are moving to Texas!
We are both so excited to start
looking for a house - to BUY! -
and to get some good Texas sized steaks!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hey Blinkin!

On Thursday we went to see where Abraham Lincoln was born....just a little drive from where Merrill's parents live. All this time we have been married, and never gone here to see the awesome "Sinking Spring". I loved it - and I want one in my yard someday. You walk down some cool stairs and hear the water, then it gets colder, and then you see the water. It is some sort of natural formation of underground rivers, and they pop up here and there....i just loved it.
In the building there is a replica of the log-cabin that Abe was born in and lived till he was 2. There are 16 everything - windows, poles around the house, etc. - to remind us that he was the 16Th President of the United States. There are also 56 steps to the building, representing the age at which he died. Aha the symbolism.

Grandma and Papa's house

So I didn't know - but my in-laws got high speed Internet - So I have a few pictures to share with you all, my faithful followers. We ended up driving all the way on Tuesday, and when we got to the house it was still light! (It stays light till 9:30!) Sophie got to go for her first 4-wheeler ride with papa! Laurie wasn't home from work, or this would not have been allowed.
We went to the Tank Museum on Wednesday, and the boys had a good time walking around checking out all the tanks - too bad you cant climb on them, there were red signs all over - "DO NOT CLIMB ON TANKS" - but we still had a good time. There were things the boys could climb on - and pretend they were driving a tank,
and dress up like they were in the Army.
When we were all done we got our funny money (smashed pennies - put in 50 cents and a penny, and you get a coin with a cool picture on it - both the boys picked the tank) and then went to see Laurie at work.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


This is how Braxton says Kentucky.....and that is where we are going tomorrow. We are done here in Alabama (for now and always I hope) and are going to see Merrill's parents before I fly to California with the kids, where he will meet us later. We may stop tomorrow in Nashville and see some stuff - then drive the rest of the way the next day - but nothing is set in stone. I wont be putting anything up till after I get to California, because the Internet at the Walker's is really slow, so I will see you when we get back.
Note - the boys LOVED the tape on their eyes, even
though I thought they would not....they have
brought the tape to me a few times, asking for more.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Tape Is Fun

Ever get board in a hotel room and all
you have is a roll of tape?
We do.

No Words

Sophie is talking a lot more now and I know you all are so far away but still want to see her!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


As you all know - My mom quilts like an amazing Quilting-Goddess. She teaches at Fat Quarters Quilt Shop and gets paid by every person, every week. If they are there or not - they want to hold their spot! She has done this since I was in middle school and all through high school - I met my best friend Sarah because her mom was in my moms class all those years ago (feeling old anyone? ha ha)
Anyways - Since she is my mom, and she likes me - I get her all to myself - as my own personal quilt teacher. I have made lots of quilts for my kids (So has she, but this isn't her blog) and now that I have a girl - I have picked some cute girlie stuff!
And I get to make whatever I want with the best woman there to help me. Dana Livingston! Doing my cutting when I get board of the monotony, ironing my pieces and giving them back to me in an all-in-order, neat stack and all I have to do is sit there and pump them through the machine while and get tunnel vision. Then she will get it all hooked up how it should go on her wooden quilting machine, with batting and backing and top where they belong and I will stand there and quilt "My Quilt"while she watches my 3 kids. Then I can say, "I made a quilt for Sophie!".......I love my mom.
Note: Even after all the hard work I put in to
making quilts for my children - Ask them who made the quilts
we have, and they will ALWAYS say
that Grammie made them.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Montgomery Zoo

I know I'm slow - but here is what we did almost a week ago....the Montgomery Zoo. They were having their "Mayfest", a fund raiser for a MAGNET school up there. (Its like a high school - but all performing arts) All the students from the different departments had games they were in charge of and we bought tickets (5 for a $1) and they got a prize each time. A good day to go - because the zoo wasn't that big, and this added time that we spent in the zoo, so for the hour drive - worth the trip.
White Tiger and Elephants
Face Painting
Braxton loves Zebras, just not creepy men dressed us as one.
The ride home
All the crap that $6 could get you.
Note - the whoopee cushion popped after the 1st use....thank you Merrill.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Bless You

Braxton and Merrick say the prayer every morning, noon, and night - if you have ever been with us at a meal you know I mean that the BOTH say the same time. It has gotten to the point that neither Merrill or I have to help - Braxton helps Merrick. Its always the same thing - bless the food, we are thankful for this day, "bless the gospel". Last night Braxton had been watching Noggin right before we had dinner. So this is kinda how it went:

Please bless that I can watch more noggin after dinner,and bless Steve to figure out Blues Clues, and bless Diego who lives on Noggin.
Merrill and I had to keep looking at each other to see who would crack first....but we both held it together.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Savannah - Last

Saturday night we met up with Sean and his family one more time for dinner at D&B Burgers - a local place where you can get a 1/4 lb burger all the was up to a 3 lb. burger, and fix it up with what ever you could ever want on it. Got a picture of Merrill and Sean - so we have proof that they saw each other. Keep in mind it has been about 6 years since they saw each other last.
Some really big steps.
Sunday before doing the drive home, we walked around downtown Savannah. So cool. There are lots of blocks that are just mini parks - Squares. And each one is named for someone in history. Saw the big cemetery and tried to explain to the boys that we don't run and yell - people are buried here! but they didn't get it.
Gotta see the Paula Deen place - The Lady and Sons!
(we didnt eat there, just got a shirt)
Maddie with Sophie at the hotel (this is 2/3 of the girl cousins!)