Thursday, September 9, 2010

End Of Summer

Sophie was being a girl and HAD to put on the red speedo - its Braxtons. But she kept it on for about an hour while on the patio eating grapes and in the pool. Merrick on the other hand just kept on his under-oos instead of getting on a speedo....and thats cute too!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I want chickens

We get eggs at the dairy for $3.50 a dzn. And we use 2 or 3 dzn a week. I could get some chickens (full grown and laying for 12 a pop. Or $3 baby chicks that will take 5 months to start laying) I would get 3-5 chickens total. Go or No?

New House Stuff

Sophie in time out. She is getting this a lot now-a-days...........
Food storage cubby
Our builder/papa/awesome father-in-law/dad
New Wall
Getting the floor started.
New Toy Space (over the entry way that WAS open to the top floor


Merrill and I went on a cruise to the Bahamas. It was so nice. We didnt have to tell anyone to eat their dinner, we could read on the deck, or in our room, or go in the hot tub, go eat whenever we want, etc. Wonderful! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
My parents came and watched the kids and did a lot of work on the house! My dad added more play room for the kids, walled off the toy room(so its now a bedroom), and put a door on the 'dining room' so its more like an office now. And he cut out a place under the stairs and put a door on it so we can have more storage space (for Merrill's army stuff and our food storage). All that is a week - Yeah - he is that good!