Thursday, November 29, 2007

OK - I am it.

Six things you might not know about me......some of you will. 1 ~ When i was in high school I had the coolest room. I had black and white photos from magazines covering every inch of my bedroom walls....I had about 300 glow in the dark stars.....and a strobe light. That turned out to be a bad thing (the strobe light). Natalie and our cousin Jordan (who were little at the time) decided to play in my room one night with the strobe light. Jordan got dizzy and fell in to my mirror. She was OK - but the mirror SHATTERED. You could even see where her nose made contact. My dad had to get me a new mirror door.
2 ~ I have had 3 broken arms. All happened at the Tanner's house. And all at Easter time. The day of, the Saturday before, and the Friday before. I don't go to there house anymore on or around Easter.
3 ~ I love EBay. Even if I don't like something a LOT, I will bid in it only to see the bid go up. I am more cautious now because of a lesson I learned from my dad. He saw a Harley that had no bids. He thought he would get it going....and no one else bid on he had to buy it. All $14,000 of it. I keep my bids to a limit of $50.
4 ~ Coconut is my favorite flavor/fruit. I love to eat it raw the most. Living in Hawaii has been very nice for this. You can get a zip-loc baggie for $3 at the farm stand at the Dole Plantation. That is a must-stop when ever we go up the the north shore. It makes a great snack while you are sifting through the sand.
5 ~ All but one calling I have ever had in church (since I have been married) have been in Primary. I have been a teacher every time up until now - I am the Secretary. In charge of making sure that the talk, scripture, and prayer are assigned each week.
6 ~ Today is Merrill and mine anniversary. 5 years. 2 kids. 5 moves. (Utah, Alabama, Hawaii, California, Hawaii)


Hayley (who already did it, so you are off the hook)





hayley said...

I was dying laughing on that first one:) I don't remember that that happened! Also, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! We are coming up right behind you:) I can't believe you have been in primary that long, OUCH:) That's hard being primary, I hope you have some fun Relief Society mini classes:)

Raadgep Fam said...

Okay so yeah no Tanners house got it!

Heather said...

So, I totally didn't know some of those things about you. Actually, the only ones I did know were about your anniversary and maybe a little about the EBAY one. I remember you came over to our apartment after you were married to bid on the first season of ALIAS. Those were back in the good old OC watching days!