Monday, April 27, 2009

The Pirate House! Savannah - Part 2

After strawberry picking we went to the mini zoo in Savannah. More a wildlife preserve/showcase then anything, the cow was the big hit. The cougar was napping, and red fox was sitting in the shade. It was way hot - so I cant blame them. (the 'zoo' was rather lame, but I am used to the World Famous Wild Animal Park, so really, what did I think it would be like?) At least we got a cute picture of Conner with his new best friends!
The Pirate House was yummm! I had a Ruben and Merrill had a burger, the boys had the dog. I get so sick of paying $5 a pop for a hot dog and fries....cant I just get the nasty fries? Guess not....
The kids menus were fun, they punched out in to these awesome hats, with eye patch, earring, and money. Much better then the crayon type that my kids break the crayons in half and are done. And Merrill even got to enjoy them!


Anonymous said...

That sexy pirate in the red shirt looks like he's ready for some serious "business time"! TM

Anonymous said...

Those are cool menus! Looks fun!