Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Birthday Loot!

Thanks to lots of money filled birthday cards - Merrick was able to get a totallllyyyy Awesome toy at Wal*Mart last night!Bakugan are the latest cool thing the boys like. they are like Transformers, but are easy and make a ball when they are transformed. There is a magnet in the bottom so when you roll them across the cards they come with (with the power and tricks each can do) they pop up into little dragons or birds or whatever. They are SO COOL! Merrick was able to get a 6-pack of Bakugan and a ball-holder-thing that came with 3 MORE guys in it! He is so happy!
This picture I just had to take - see Braxtons "bracelet"? (more commonly know as a GIRL hair thing for pony-tails and such) Yeah - he picked it out of the student store for his "prize". I have never seen a boy so excited about a scrunchie! I guess him and a few other kids did something that earned them a prize at school. He wore it to school today - and I'm so proud.
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Mrs.EBG said...

Ohhh bakugans... my boys LOVE these things... I, on the other hand, have a love/hate relationship with these little boogers... they keep my boys entertained for hours, they have a store here that sells the cards for $1 so it's a cheap treat... BUT they have so many of them {like 30} and they end up EVERYWHERE... like under my feet when I go to tuck the kids in, or in my wash machine....
Glad he had a good birthday, though! ;)