Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sophie & The Boys

Sophie is really starting to walk. She will walk if what she wants is on a table or couch or chair.....but will drop to crawling if there is either nothing she really wants, or its on the ground. She is too funny to watch when no one is watching her. She makes great faces.
The movie is today at the park with Janel and Gage. We have been taking the RC motorcycles because the street is to bumpy at our house, and they tip over too much. Sophie loves to watch them and try and crawl after them to get them....yeah right! Like she will ever catch one. Not only are the boys crazy drivers, but they cant really control them, so its chaos either way. Merrick running from me (he always hates his picture taken - but tonight it was fun to get chased. I was chasing him for 2 for the picture, the other to get him to sit up and eat dinner - more on dinner later) Sophie and her hair do Braxton having some Reese's Puffs after dinner (dinner was 2 hot dogs and a banana because sometimes I get sick of making them eat what I made. That is the case every night - with either both or just one of the boys....Merrick loves pasta....Braxton hates it. Braxton likes potatoes, Merrick hates them. They both hate soup and enchiladas......You get it)


hayley said...

Don't they know their mom is a gourmet chef! We could use some new recipes over here:) You should post some of your favorites!

Jessica said...

you really need to put some more up!!! Love Annie