Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weekend up-date

We had an FRG party this weekend. FRG is a Army thing for the families of soldiers who are deployed. We had a Super Hero Party. I am a good mom (I like to think) and made capes for the children in my family.
We also had a V-day party with Merrick's preskool....they decorated cup cakes and ate the tops....Merrick is messy (like all 3 year-olds) but he loved it.
We also went to Costco this weekend. I love Costco. We go every month (it is an hour drive) and stock up on juice, diapers, wet wipes, meat, bread, and this time - an iTouch. We had some guys, who are set to deploy, over for dinner on Sunday and one of them had an iTouch....so naturally Merrill needed to go get one ASAP. Braxton is very excited...it has lots of games- and Jake should be excited too - Braxton wont be asking to use his iPhone anymore when we see you guys!


hayley said...

That's fun you got an iTouch. The boys love Will's iPhone. I have been thinking I don't need a car with a DVD player, we will just do a cool christmas and get the kids their own hand held device. I love the capes, way to go mom:)

Melanie Nydegger said...

Costco is an HOUR AWAY?????? Oh my gosh. How do you survive?!?!

Theresa said...

Capes are cute! You're a good mom!