Monday, May 3, 2010

New me

I'm cooking different these days. And it is because of this book. As a mom I want my kids to healthy. I have been feeling for a few years that there has to be better stuff out there to eat. I have been trying a few things, like the P90X diet with Merrill for a week, that didn't feel good at all! And trying to get fat free stuff like sour cream, cheese, etc. But it always feels fake. Why would I want to eat that? Then we had a food storage class for enrichment, and the lady who taught was great! Very helpful to someone like me who has NOTHING because of being in the army and moving every year over seas and back again. And that fact that we are supposed to have a lot of wheat. And do what with it?! She recommended this book. So I ran out a bought it and am a changed person. As far as food and how I feed the kids goes. And how we will never eat at McDonald's again unless we are driving a million miles and run out of food in the cooler, or a grandparent wants to take them.(Well the McDonald's thing is more from watching Food Inc. and reading other books and learning what they put in the meat portions of their food: ammonia rinsed beef fat scraps. For real?! yuck)

So we are trying more things. I always was more of a Make-it-myself kinda person, since I know how from school, and I like to be in the kitchen. But now that is going to be taken even further. The biggest change has been the Raw Milk. Yep - we go to a farm and get regular gallons of milk, but they are not pasteurized or homogenized.(Yes we know that those things have helped with the sanitation.....but they were developed back in the day - and we have since come a long way - its a much cleaner process then it was when pasteurization was introduced. And did YOU know that the dairy cows that grocery stores get the milk from are always sick and there is puss mixed in with the milk? And they they have to color and sent adjust the milk after it has been processed?!) The cream goes to the top and you have to shake it when you want a glass. And its kinda Yellow right now since its spring and they are eating the spring grass. (Did you know they dye butter yellow?) With my raw milk I can make lots of stuff.....whey, yogurt, keifr, sour cream, butter, buttermilk. The whey is the one i have used the most. I have made (from the books recipes) salsa, Mexican cabbage, pickles, berry syrup, mustard, and orangina. I have yet to try a few- they are still "lacto-fermenting" in the pantry.....but what I Have tried is good. A little weired, since it isn't processed, but I know its better for us.

The other big thing is making breakfast. The boys LOVE pancakes and I am happy to make them - because we wont be getting cold cereal anymore. The reason whole wheat and grains are good for you is in the part our bodies cant even digest. So why eat a ton of granola and wheat bread if you aren't getting all you can from it? By soaking it over night - on the counter - in something like whey, buttermilk, yogurt, or keifr you let the bacteria (the good kind) start to break it down so when you eat it the next day - your body can get ALL the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals out. And its easier on your guts.

So there you have it. More healthy food for us. I understand that if we want to eat out - there will be stuff we cant avoid. And I'm not going to pitch a fit if we go on a family trip and dont have raw milk to drink. But when we are at home, and I have the time to prepare these things - I will.


Marin said...

WOW your amazing MAKENNA!!! I SURE need to eat better. (now that my lunch is eating left over lemon bars!) ohh man. Our poor kitchen is filled with nothing. I really need to go to the cannery! That is awesome that your doing P90X, that is such a hard workout. I quit. I am now doing pilates instead.

Our Family said...

thanks for the info. I have been trying to cook from scratch I guess not as much as you but Paul's family does a lot of scratch cooking. Keep the cooking ideas coming. =)

Cicely said...

I found this post to be both enlightening and... disgusting. Hmmmm.