Sunday, September 5, 2010

I want chickens

We get eggs at the dairy for $3.50 a dzn. And we use 2 or 3 dzn a week. I could get some chickens (full grown and laying for 12 a pop. Or $3 baby chicks that will take 5 months to start laying) I would get 3-5 chickens total. Go or No?


Mrs.EBG said...

Totally get them! $3.50 a dz! You need some chicks stat!

Marin said...

baby chics!! that would be so fun!! What are you making with your eggs? just eggs? But you guys are eating 2 to 3 dozen a week!? wow!!!

hayley said...

I can see you now with chickens. I love eggs. But is it smelly?