Monday, February 28, 2011

Essential Oils for Healing

Some of you know that i have gone all hippy over the past year with my food stuff. It has also spilled in to how i treat the kids when they are hurt/sick. And it has worked! A friend i met here in Texas told me about oils and why/how she uses them. Its all about being self sufficient. I think that knowing is half of being self-sufficient. Doing is the other half. So i have read up on oils and been testing them on me and the kids.....With amazing results i might add.

Since a bottle will last for a long time before i use it (and to maybe get a little money back) i am going to make some kits to sell. I have 5 blends i use all the time....they stay in my bag so i always have them while i thought that's what people might want.

They are these~~~~~~~~~~self explanatory i think~~~~~~~~~
Cut Up
Bug Bite

If anyone is interested comment.....$20 would cover the oils and shipping. So let me know!

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Brynley said...

do you tell us what herbs to use with what?? is there book that comes with the herbs?? I'm a really interested!

Makenna said...

I would send a list of the oils in each one. There is a web site i like that has lots of info about each one too.