Saturday, December 15, 2007

Excuse me, how do we get out of here?

_____________________________________________________ Every night we go for a walk as a family. After the boys are tubbed and in their jammies, teeth are brushed, and scriptures are read. With Christmas around the corner the big thing to do is look for lights....and Merrick yelling, "Iseeeeeit!!!". We are not the only ones out looking for good lights. We get stopped a few times a week by a car passing us by that is lost. They drive around and get lost. With all the crazy Hawaiian names, who can blame them? I just wonder why they always ask, "How do we get to the Wal*Mart from here?" Is that like the big land-mark?

If you are going to take your family for a Christmas-light-looking-drive, at least pay attention enough so that you can get them home.

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hayley said...

Of course Walmart is the big land mark. Who doesn't know where Walmart is? Better yet, who doesn't go to Walmart at least twice a month:)