Monday, March 17, 2008

Dang Flies

So we have at least one fly that gets in our house every day, even though I yell at the kids to close the screen door when ever they go in and out. Today the fly was extra hard to get. But don't worry - I got it. Well.....kinda. I decided that I had enough of it landing and taking off and freaking me out. So I got the rag and went hunting. I followed it around the house for a good 5 minutes, till it all payed off. It was sitting on the soap dispenser on the sink and I went in for the kill, moving quickly to make sure and get it. I swung the rag and hit the soap so hard that some squirted out in to the sink. And there was no fly...I thought. There was a bit on the rag, but no wings or upper body parts...weired right? So I wash the rag out and put it in the laundry bag (I don't want to get mixed up and wipe the kids' faces off with it) and I am looking around the sink for the rest of the body. (I would hate for Merrick to find it on the ground and pop it in his mouth) I look at the soap thing - and there it is. Trying to get AWAY! But oh yeah, its guts are preventing it from flying off......Its trapped by its own goo. I thought, "NO WAY!" that is is still alive?! Yes it was. Trying to fly away, but unable because of the innards that were stuck to the soap dispenser. I'm sorry if anyone reading this barfed in their mouth a little, but get a stick of gum and you will be all right. Just be glad you didn't have this happen to you.

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hayley said...

I need some fly swatting skills, I always hesitate.