Thursday, March 13, 2008

Just for fun

This was taken at Lake Tullock last summer

I know you will all be wanting to know where I get my good looks from - but I wont tell.

I just love the chocolate-in-the-teeth-trick to give me that genuine white trash look.

I also Love to take the things people don't use from their room-service trays in the morning, or late at night when you get back to your hotel.

I don't obey the
warning sign of the world famous Lumbar Street.

And who can tell me why I keep waring this big ugly sunglasses, instead of just spending the $12 at Ross and getting some new ones?


Anonymous said...

You're so fun!

It's spelled WEARING...just so you know.

Theresa said...

Hey, with those teeth you will fit right in at Fort Huachuca!

hayley said...

Love the pictures and the glasses. Buy something else with the 12 bucks because you know as soon as you buy new glasses you are going to lose them or break them and get all upset:)