Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Few Pictures

Merrill was so nice to get me a big 8 GB memory card for my nice camera - and darn it! Our computer (the one we have) wont read I took some pictures just now of our new house. We are having our crock pot roast - in our kitchen with our nice chairs and the kids little table.
The yard is nice and big (and all fenced in) - and we planted 3 palm trees, I hope they take! The dirt here is crazy! I could get some dirt out of the ground and make a clay pot if I wanted! We are going to get our sprinkler system put in on the 23ed. And we just got our water softener/water purification system in yesterday! We got a screaming deal! So we are very excited!
Our stuff is still scheduled to be here no later then the 17th, so keep your fingers crossed! Annie is going to fly out when summer is done at BYU Idaho - and I hope she will have a bed to sleep in.


Annie said...

I hope so too! I'm excited if I have a bed or not!

Marin said...

oooo I love the house especially the kitchen!! How fun! I'm so excited for you guys!