Friday, July 24, 2009

Warning - Potty Talk

Merrick is turning in to a "big boy" and here is a little update from yesterday... We have our stuff, and the boys wanted me to open the 'outside toy' box, so I did. There are all kinds of things in there: little chairs, big chairs, baseball stuff, balls, cars, buckets, shovels, basked ball stuff, etc. The boys had been in the pool - so of course they are naked - whatever. I'm inside getting boxes unloaded, and Merrill is out with the boys getting the lawn watered. Merrill comes in with a small bucket and Merrick. "We are throwing this bucket away!" he says, as he dumps a dump in the toilet....Merrick had run and gotten the bucket to poop in! while he was outside. 15 minuets later, same thing happens - with a bigger bucket. Then Merrill has Merrick sit and finish on the toilet....which he did! I just love that he (Merrick) ran and got a bucket, and didn't go on the grass. AND the next morning, he starts talking about how he is going to poo on the carpet. I tell him, "no, we don't poo on the carpet." "I poo on the rug!?" (all happy at him self like he figured it out) "no - in the toilet!" "Not on a rug? Not on the carpet?" He is too funny. And he is doing good - its been 3 days with no diapers all DAY long.


hayley said...

Sweet! There is nothing like slimming down the diaper budget:) Summer is the best time for potty training.

Theresa said...

That is AWESOME!!! Rachel likes to poop on the carpet. I caught her today, feet and hands full of poop that she squished into the carpet. Exciting stuff. Way to go Merrick!