Saturday, August 1, 2009

Annie is here!

Annie got here on Monday - and we just took some pictures cause there was a CRAZY storm rolling in. The neighbor's shade thing blew in to our yard - and put a nice hole in the trampoline....bummer.
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Marin said...

The sky looks AWESOME!!! How fun that Annie can come visit you guys in TEXAS! We totally would come if we didn't have to be stuck here in AZ!!!! What cute kids! Makes me excited to have THREE! (crazy) :)

Theresa said...

That stinks about the trampoline. I love how Merrick has no pants on. Pooped in any buckets lately? I have a few baskets that I want to get rid of but feel bad about it. Maybe he could come poop in those :) I'm glad you can have your sister there, she's so pretty.

David said...

Love the way Sophie's hair looks like a comb over gone bad. the wind and all . that's really a great picture of everyone. keep them coming for us at home