Monday, August 24, 2009


Sorry Im a bad Blogger. Merrill got the computer desk fixed, and now the internet is on my computer - so I dont have to sit in bed and try to type...thats hard to do in bed. So here are some pictures! Sophie all ready for church - Thank you Grandma Mamie and Grandpa Dale for this cute dress!
Braxton started school today! Did well, made a new friend - "John Baptism" (I think he may have gotten John at school mixed up with John in the Bible)
Merrick is always doing something funny - Like sitting in Sophie's walker and having some pizza.
And this was a project I found at Ross - from Martha Stewart - Bird Balloons. It has 8 all together, so we are doing one each every few days....if the boys remember to ask!
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hayley said...

THose balloons are so cute. I love the picture of Sophie. She and Merrick look like they have the same hair cut:) Is Braxton in preschool? John Baptism, that is awesome. hehe