Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kick Ball!!!

We are real parents now! We have joined the millions who have their kids in a team sport! Kick Ball started last week and we had our first game yesterday - Happy Birthday Coach Merrill! If you have ever seen a chicken with its head cut off - just think of that X20. There are 10 kids per team and they all get a turn to kick per inning. And we have 2 innings. So each kid got 2 kicks and 2 "go get the ball the other team just kicked!" We are the Fireflies and we are orange (Braxton was so glad!) They all did a good job kicking the ball after 3 practice kicks all before the ball even got to them! Its too funny!
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Annie said...

Those pictures are really cute. I didn't know that you put them on the kickball team, way fun. Braxton looks ridiculous. Happy Birthday to Merrill, you and Merrick soon!!!! Love you guys!

hayley said...

That's awesome, what a perfect sport for little people. The boys look really happy:) Hope you have a fun birthday week and lots of cake!!! Happy Birthday to you guys wish we could be there to celebrate. (Will was checking out your blog last night and he was like, wow, Sophie looks a lot like Jade.)

Lisa said...

Wow, I think you guys have found the coolest little kid sport ever! How fun! I love Braxton's faces in the pictures. Hope you all have a great Birthday week!