Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So last night at 10:30 we thought our neighbors had a strobe light on or something crazy! It wasn't - there was a crazy storm going on out our bathroom window. I took a few pictures. Some look lighter then others because the shutter stayed open longer and got more of the street light.....but the sky was awesome!
This last one was my favorite - but its blurry....I swore there were Greek gods up there last night!
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Annie said...

Those look awesome! Those storms are crazy. Love you guys!

Mrs.EBG said...

I love storms like that! We get some pretty good ones here in Arizona during monsoon season... totally love them!
And I want to see more pics of your new house!

Brynley said...

wow that is crazy!!! i love watching storms!!

Anonymous said...

I hear they have some crazy storms in Texas! TM

Theresa said...

The last picture is really cool.

elyssa said...

your kids are incredibly adorable. but i still don't know if i can ever forgive you for using my #1 favorite girl name : (

now, if i ever have a girl, i'm going to have to make up some celebrity name like charcoal or sparkle or something. totally lame.

and i miss good storms out here in utah! enjoy!