Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas is Coming!

Even thought we are going to my parents house for the holiday - Merrick wanted to get out the tree and stuff yesterday - so Merrill did as he was asked. Climbed up the ladder in the garage and got the tree and 2 boxes of stuff we needed to get Christmas up.
After Braxton ignored me and got out our Tree Mugs - dropped it and shattered one - and we got that mess cleaned up - and yelled at the kids about listening to your parents! - we got the tree set up, decorated, and the mess cleaned up.
Sophie has pink eye still (just like Merrick and Braxton did a little bit ago) so her picture isn't the best - but she is smiling good - and you can see her teeth - so I put it up anyways....and she is favorite right now, since she cant talk back.


Annie said...

I love those last two of merrick and sophie! So sweet! Hope the kids start listening. Love you!

Jessica said...

we got our tree up too! I love sophie in her pink hat! super cute!