Sunday, December 6, 2009

Boy Toys

Here is B when we said he could open his present. (We decided that these would help on the plane - so Open them before the trip and take them with us.)
Here is Merrick after he barfed on the carpet, we got it cleaned up, and he is going to open his present.
Here are the boys after B got yelled at for not waiting for us to clean up the barf (he went on opening his present even thought we were not watching and taking pictures) - he is smiling extra big because he knows we wanted to see him open the present (and didn't get to). So he is making up for it.
Here is Merrick opening a game for the Leapster.
And B doing the same.


Annie said...

Those are super fun!

Botill Family said...

Ok, LOVE the commentary. Isn't that how it all REALLY goes? Not some glossy version... Sounds like what Christmas will be like for us, lol. By the way, glad to see that Merrick still loves to barf on carpets! Hahahaha!