Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Date Night

Friday night Merrill and I went on a "hot date" as the boys have come to call it. (thanks to my mom) We got our sitter - who the kids love - and headed out not knowing what we were doing except that I wanted Olive Garden - not something that happens very often. Anyone around here knows that EVERY night is a bad night to eat out - there is a 30 min wait if you get to a restaurant after 5:45.....and we didnt get our sitter till 6:15....hence the 45 min wait. After waiting for about 20 min. I asked if we could sit at the bar...YES! So thats what we did. Had dinner and a show watching the 2 bar tenders mix drinks and wash cups in their awesome under counter sink/dishwasher. Because of the wait - we missed the movie we had planned on going we went to walk around Best Buy and decide what to do. (This is important. Because of the wait - we had to MISS our show we had planned on going to.) After talking to the sitter we headed to the theater and got tickets for the 9 o'clock showing of Valentine's Day (VERY FUNNY). About half way through, out of nowhere, a glowing something was chucked from the top row to the bottom of the screen where there are a few rows of seats that are not stadium seating (why do they even have those one wants to sit there and break their neck for a movie. Merrill and I have not sat by each other in movies so that we could avoid those lame seats) Anyways - Lucky for the people who WERE sitting in those seats, no one was hit. "WHAT DO YOU CARE! YOU HAVE BEEN TEXTING THE WHOLE MOVIE ANYWAYS! LEAVE!" This is what we heard coming from the top row after the PHONE (we later realised) had been thrown. Some high school age kids (like 4) had been sitting and texting during the movie....Well I guess the older guy who was sitting next to them didnt like it. And instead of say something, ask them to move, or move him self....he thought "I will grab her phone and throw it across the theater! That will teach her!" So he did. The girl and a friend got up and left. Then came back. With a cop. They tried to find the phone down between the rows, and had no the cop made the guy come down and find it! Then they left. But wait - he needs his wife and they son - so the phone tosser came back, made it half way up the stairs, and got his wifes attention, and they all left. To go out and get banned from the theater, or arrested we dont know. But Im sure glad that we had to wait a while for dinner, or we would have missed that show!

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hayley said...

I love being entertained by other people's drama!