Saturday, April 17, 2010

Farm Day

This is B helping cultivate the dirt for the PURPLE potatoes! He did an awesome job.
Today we went to a dairy farm...Sand Creek Farm. I will post more on the reason why tomorrow maybe, or in a week. All I will say now is this: Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. Google it.
Sophie is such a poser! I point the camera at her and she will surprise
me every time with some little shoulder lift or tilt of the head...I love her!
The boys had to take care of some business first thing....and B
was very surprised to see NO WATER TO PEE INTO! Just dirt!
Very fun day.....We made butter and helped get
chicki-eggs (as Merrick likes to call them) and also saw
where they milk the cows and make cheese.


Dave said...

Wow - looks like the kids are living parts of my childhood on the farm! Fabulous memories of my grandparents on the farm!!! Love it! TM

Jessica said...

The outhouse picture reminds me of Up "Do you dig the hole before or after..."