Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The kids in the pantry - Sophie is having rasins and the boys are sitting on our buckets of wheat.
Sophie has started to make this evil eye thing....she will do it a few times, laughing in between each one. Its very funny.
So we have been busy. We just got back from KY on Sunday (where I didnt take a singel picture, we kinda go in stages where we take a lot, and none at all) It was a fun trip with Jen's family - I think Braxton got more game time last week then he did all school year!
Since its summer, we have been doing a lot of swimming - the boys got speedos - so they look real good.
Not much more to report, just happy to be here in Tx where its hot and have a yard thats big enough for the kids to run around in.


Annie said...

Those are super cute. Love the evil eye!

Jessica said...

All their faces in the first picture are so candid! So cute!!!

hayley said...

How funny, Jade started doing a grumpy face too and it cracks us up. Where did you get the speedos??? Saucy, Luke loved his speedo and now Carden is enjoying it