Monday, July 19, 2010


Sophie - just a sweetie!
Braxton - LOVES the wii and Mario
Merrick - A little crazy and weired....what else can I say about him.
I know I have been lazy with the blogging. We got an iTouch, so I can check e-mail, Facebook and all that on my iTouch around the house, and have no need for the laptop unless I want to order pictures.....and I do today because Costco is having a sale. Regular - a 4X6 is 16 cents, but they are 9 cents right now! So Im gonna order a bunch. I also got a bug to take pictures of the kids while dressed for church yesterday, so I want to order some to frame. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
We have been busy! (well - Merrill more then me) He is done with his job that he has had for the last year! Meaning that the guys are back from Iraq! Last week was all prep work for their arrival, and we are glad that is done! Now Merrill can turn his phone off at night and not worry about it on the weekends. Very nice.
Braxton lost the wii because he turns in to a spazz when he plays too much, so he has been pretending he is Mario and Merrick is Luigi (?) - its very funny, but I love that they play together and dont fight too much!
Merrick is good with Braxton, but he prefers to go out and swim at our white-trash water park we've got going on in the back yard. Between the 2 plastic pools (one with a slide) the slip-n-slide, sprinklers, trampoline, and pirate ship - he stays very entertained! (I have to move the hose now and then - no big deal)
Sophie is getting very good at getting on and off the trampoline! She loves to ja-ja-ja (jump) and is starting to like shoes...such a girl! She will bring me her shoes when she wants to go out side. She also lets me do her hair. She gets pig-tails or one pony tail - sticking straight up to the sky. I did get it braided once, but it was very hard to get her to sit still long enough to make the 1 1/2 inch braid....cute, but not worth it.
I have been trying new food - "nourishing, slow food" - going to the farmers market every Sat (with Merrick. We get a water bottle at the gas station and he picks the watermelon each week. Its our 'date') We got a few more people to do the "milk run" with us, nice for us because its 40 miles to the dairy....but well worth it!


Annie said...

cute pictures!

Danna said...

Hey Makenna! This is Danna Myers (Mary's sister, Susi's daughter, I have no clue how to identify myself!)!
Your little ones are too cute, it is fun to see them! Nutrition is my passion too! Small world!
Thanks for the little peak on your cute family!
BTW, do you still make glass beads? Do you sell them?
Say hi to your parents for me!