Monday, July 26, 2010

More Thoughts on Food

As you know I have been doing lots of food reading. We have a nice collection of books that I have gotten to 'further my education' so to speak. I would love to take some nutrition classes...but with 3 kids I have no time to do anything formal. Anyways - in all my reading it has made me even more grateful for this earth. The way it was designed for us, by God, is amazing to me! I have heard/read lots on all sides of the vegetarian/vegan/omnivore debate, (always being a FOR MEAT person myself...I love steak!) and it affirms my ideas about how and what we should eat. Our bodies need animal foods. How convenient that God put lots of them to pick from on the earth! The fat that is found in nature (naturally raised chicken/beef/lamb) is there for a reason. The fat helps our bodies use/absorb the vitamins and minerals that are in the meat. Eggs. And raw, unpasteurized, un-homogenized milk from healthy cows eating GRASS - full fat! Why would God put them together if we were not meant to eat them together? There are so many things that animals provide - and that we cant get anywhere else! Sure there is protein in soy, and other stuff that we need, so a vegan may think they are covered. Wrong! The vitamins and other nutrients are so tied up that our body can not process it, unless its fermented, as in soy or miso. Check this out for more info on soy - Soy Alert! Largely vegetarian populations have a shorter life span then meat eating populations. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Babies need fat and cholesterol for everything! Maybe that's why breast milk is made of mostly fat and cholesterol! The brain is %70 fat, and cells and vain walls need fat and cholesterol to work right and stay strong. It makes me sad that Dr.s make new moms feel better about using formula then breast feeding. Formula is hard on new tummies. Its almost all synthetic. And how is a baby supposed to get anti-bodies from formula? Its dead! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There are lots of people in this country. And a lot of them eat crappy. And a lot of kids don't have a say in what they eat, they are at the discretion of their parents(who sometimes are mislead, uneducated, or just don't care). And yet we still survive. That's because the body is AMAZING! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ But if we look at our country as a whole - its not doing so good. All the processed white flour and white sugar are killing us! On CBS Sunday Morning they said that 2 in 3 kids will have diabetes before they are out of high school! (maybe all the soda machines should get out of schools - Oh wait, that would cut the funding from Coke to the schools...we cant have that!) And how many people have to have heart attacks before we realise that something needs to change? The rising amount of vegetable oil("Healthy") used in America corresponds with the rise in rate of heart disease.....hummmm. Maybe all the people who have lived before us had it right - animal foods (meat/fat/milk/organ meats), vegetables, grains, and some fruits. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The women of indigenous peoples around the world would take care of everything except: the hunting. The men would spend the same amount of time doing one thing: the hunting. Because they understood that in order to thrive as a people and to have healthy children, they needed to have animal food in their diet. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I think its important for me, right now in my life (having/raising kids) to be aware of the choices that I make, and who is depending on them. It is such a blessing to be able to have kids and take care of them, and Its My Job to do the best I can. To get educated. And on top of it all - it makes sense. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Good places to start: Weston A Price Foundation A blog I like

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Marin said...

wow! Love that post, especially as I am sitting here eating Ritz crackers!!! Sad. I agree though that as I Mother I have a responsibility to make sure I am getting my kids good food. I always try to just give them fruits and vegetables for their snack. I never usually buy crackers unless we are on the road (we went to visalia last weekend) which is why we have crackers. What kinds of things do you usually serve for snacks?