Saturday, January 26, 2008

2 good shots

I cant resist putting these on my blog. They are both really good pictures.


hayley said...

Sweet suit! I need to find a bathing suit. Mine is falling apart. Is Merrick's hair that blond??

Mrs.EBG said...

Love love love the pics! :) I need to call you back from like 2 weeks ago... sorry, I'm busy with GH! Kidding! :)

The Badger family said...

Makenna, I can't believe you remember when I got engaged. It was 8 years ago. I don't even remember saying that to you guys. So I need to get your blog address so I can add you on my list. How did you figure out mine? I need tips on how to figure out peoples blog account addresses. Help me out.

The Badger family said...

Makenna, I just figured out how to do it. Ok so what is your married name?