Thursday, January 10, 2008



This is Braxton and and Bumblebee. They are best friends.

Sometimes Braxton forgets to get him in a safe place, and someone else comes along.

It has happened enough, that it isn't always a bad thing.

SEE?!?!?! Merrick is just amazing! If only I had my video camera out when this happened! Darn.


Ellie said...

Merrick really is more then meets the eye.

Mrs.EBG said...

Merrick needs to come to my house... I hate transformers and my boys love them! He could be my little helper when the boys get stuck! :)

Kierstin said...

Awesome photo sequence. So artistic. We we could join you guys in Hawaii, but at least I am not in Utah.

Theresa said...

The boys loved watching Merrick construct. He is amazing :)

Anonymous said...

you're funny - TM