Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas in Hawaii!

We are back home! When we got back from the airport, there was a little something waiting for Braxton and Merrick (Thanks Ellie!). We are going to have to work on learning to ride the bike, but hope that will go fast. The trip was great. Merrill is not excited to be back, because that means going to work... =( Here are a few pictures of the trip...
Merrick and I in Ky.

Merrill and Josh

Papa with Merrick at In-N-Out

Papa Johnny with Merrick

The Cousins.

The Bike!


hayley said...

Sweet ride! I better not show Luke or else he will never stop talking about it:) He is still obsessed with Cars! Glad you had fun on your trip:)

Ellie said...

Awesome gloves Braxton.