Monday, June 23, 2008

So Tired...can't go on!

I don't remember being this tired with Merrick (I was with Braxton, but I thought that was because I didn't have anything else to do....)
I am SO TIRED! I have taken a nap every day and am starting to feel a bit sick when I think of drinking the nasty Arizona tap water, so I am on to bottled. I cant even eat a cookie with out feeling like I might hurl. (I only have barfed one time and I had a Migrain - this past Saturday - but I think that may be what started it all)
It is all I can to to sit on the couch while the boys watch a show or I can sit outside and watch them play in the heat.
Luckily for for me, Merrill is my husband. I Love Him!
He has gotten the boys tubed every night (AND MAN THEY ARE DIRTY!). He reads to Braxton (Scriptures and Dr. Seuss). Every morning he gets the dishes cleaned up when he gets home from PT and makes the beds and gets the boys teeth brushed. He lets me get them dressed (I think so that I don't feel so lazy and worthless). And then he makes them lunch if he is home. He sweeps and Swiffers the floors, and vacuums and is always tidying up the toys and odd things the boys get out.
How did I get so lucky?


galeg said...

Hey Makenna,
It's me, Gale...Sarah turned me on to your blog. I have thorougly enjoyed following it and reading about your journey as a family. I'm sorry about how you are feeling. I was sick with my first three...really sick... and as you know, they are all girls. So what do you think? Is it a girl?

Theresa said...

I think it's in the Walker blood. Neil's the same way. Thanks Mom Walker!

Raadgep Fam said...

WOW you are very Luckey! For many reasons, I knwo you tired right now but you are one of the luckest women I know! 2 kids, 1 on the way and a great hubby! yep thats blessed!