Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We are alive.

I don't know what is harder.....the dryness and heat OR the fact that the sun is UP and shining bright orange in our bedroom windows, causing the boys to get up - at 5:30! (With out fail!)
I am putting lotion on all the time and we are trying to go outside, but end up waiting till after 5-ish when it starts to cool down. It really isn't that hot....like high 90s......because we are at such a high altitude....like 5,000 feet.

I guess when you are pregnant like me, everything is just exhausting. I am tired all the time (At least not sick like Ellie) but I cant even go over and chat for 5 mi nuts with Jessica (our back-yard neighbor) without wanting to sit on the ground because my legs are tired.

On a better note.....I got some pictures developed from Costco and the got here yesterday, so I got to frame and hang them in our room.

I also get to go to Target (Didn't have that in Hawaii).

And me and the boys went to see


JakeTheSnake said...


I had so much fun with you and all three of your boys this weekend. Thanks for coming up and staying. I know that must be hard to travel back and forth. Braxton is going to be a good little swimmer. It will also be interesting to watch the interaction between Braxton and Merrick. Braxton would never come to the top of the slide with me but once he saw Merrick head up there, he didnt hesitate. I think those two will be cahsing each other their whole lives! Have fun in Arizona. I'll be in SD the weekend of the forth and then for Jesse's then my wedding so hopefully we will see eachother a lot this summer.

I saw a movie about the middle east last night and it made me think about just how greatful I am for Merril and soldiers like him. I am so thankful he is safe.

Love ya!

Ellie said...

5:30 is unacceptable. Can you duct tape some blankets over the windows or something. You need your rest.

hayley said...

Your pictures look awesome!!! We really need to get some pictures printed because we have a costco membership now. Waking up at 5:30 is a serious problem, good luck! Also, good luck with the dryness, it killed me going back to Utah from HI.

Mrs.EBG said...

The ONLY solution for the sun waking up the kids so early is black out blinds. I can't believe how much they have helped. Bed Bath and Beyond has them and Target may, too. Just keep telling yourself the heat is temporary and playing outside after dinner is the only way to do it! Once you make the adjustment you'll love Arizona! :)

The Sweeneys said...

ewww I hate being DRY!! My skin is sooooo dry here in UT it is driving me CRAZY!! (All I can say is get Curel Lotion, I think it works the best) But even still it stinks to be in dry weather. Eww and 5:30am is rough, I'm just 30 minutes behind you with Carden's schedule. He is sooo cute though at 6am. He is starting to coo and make the cutest smiles. I love it!! And I ohhh so remember being sooo tired when I was pregnant, but I loved it b/c I was able to go to sleep at night without tossing and turning...it was great! Oh and Makenna, what is your email address so I cangive you my address??? I am excited to have some Makenna Made Earings!! People will be jealous! Welp, goodluck with the heat!