Sunday, November 29, 2009


Had to get that out of the way....Merrill is about to pee his pants with excitement since they won. He is very grateful!
I'm grateful that my mom and dad got to come to Texas and be with my family. They left Tad home to be looked after by Natalie, Ren, and Annie with her Bo - M.C. Hammer. Its good to know that they trust Annie. She drove down with some other college kids(MC Hammer too) and surprised my mom on Saturday, and she left to come see me on Monday! She had no problem leaving Annie with MC Hammer and all the other siblings.
I'm thankful for the Church and the rules we were taught growing up about how we should, and were, expected to act. I see all the problems in other families that didn't have any morals taught to the children, and they are not in a good place. I'm thankful for parents who taught us what was right from wrong. And parents who said something when it needed to be said. Us kids show respect and make our parents proud when we do what we were taught in our youth.
Being a new parent (4 years isn't that far into an 18 + year job) I have come to see that its hard. Saying the same thing over and over and over and over and over. But I know that some day they will hear me and listen to me and I hope follow what we have taught. Its always int resting to me that each child is SO different. Braxton wants to mind me and wants to be a good boy, but gets caught up in the moment. Merrick is deaf right now - and I have to physically make him aware that I'm talking to HIM! We will see what Sophie is like......but they are all my kids. That's what makes it MY and Merrill's job to teach them. And to figure out what works for each kid....Braxton will do time out and Merrick will not. So we are trying to find something that will work instead.
All of this has made my more grateful to my parents. They had to police some of us kids more then others, but in the end it was what we each needed to succeed and be kept in line.
Thanks Mom and Dad.


Botill Family said...

So true! I have come to appreciate my parents now more than ever. Loved this post. Thanks. Oh, and GO COUGS!!!! I can hold my head high in Utah for another year!!!!

Annie said...

I concur!

Anonymous said...

As one of those parents, I want to say That it is a lot of work ,sweat and tears trying to figure out just what to do with each new challenge the comes along. Most of the time you don't really know what to do but you will succeed in doing whats right in the end. You kids made it seem easy as we look back. And yes, having the church involved did make all the difference. We love you all.
GO dirty "UTES"

hayley said...

Go cougs:)

Grace said...

Hey Makenna, some old friends of yours just moved into our ward - Ben and Diantha Johnson. They said they knew you from Hawaii. They just moved here from Germany. They have a cute little girl now named Brooke. We had them over for dinner tonight, and they are so awesome!! I hope we will get to know them better.

Grace said...

I need your new address please, so I can send you a Christmas card. Just send me an email,