Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Harbor Freight

The MAN'S If you have not been to Harbor Freight - I suggest you go. They have tools for low prices, and there is always a sale. I have been a few times with my dad, and last time realised that it is the man's T.J. Maxx. It is a place where men go with out their wives on a Saturday morning, to "check it out" (Just like we girls do at T.J.s or Ross!) And they do have good deals. I got a 20-something piece Dremmel set for $6! I have used it to clean out my beads (the dust that is left inside the holes after I take them off the mandrel) and I think it was a great deal!

I am glad that Men have a place to spend away from their wives, that they can go to get away, and get some very-cool, badley-needed crap at the same time!

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