Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pictures from our new house of the boys

I don't have much to say - but here are pictures of the

boys and us......and what we have been doing!

Tombstone...Lame. We were there for a parade....lucky us. The boys got to get a bunch of candy that the old creepy clowns threw.

Here is Merrick watering our "Pokey Grass" you can see, it is much greener now!

And here we are - Watching a Thunder storm......there is a lot to do
here in Sierra Vista...we are loving it.


hayley said...

I like Merrill's shirt! That's amazing you have revived your grass:) That parade looks so ghetto and SO DIRTY, I bet they loved it. Glad you are having fun

Theresa said...

That was what my boys called the grass, pokey grass. Funny! We thought Tombstone was pretty dumb too, we didn't even get out of the car.

schweenster said...

This is Marin! Justin says that is one thing he REALLY misses about AZ the thunder and rain storms! He says they are AWESOME! Wish we could have been there to see! I haven't seen them yet, but maybe in a few weeks (if we get in to UofA)
Merrick looks so cute out there watering the grass. Our grass is dying, maybe you should send him our way!