Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Boxing and other things

My kids are driving me crazy. If anyone has any tips on how to not pinch their heads off - I would really like to hear them. It is Braxton mostly - He wont listen/mind. I feel like I am mad a lot - and yell a lot. But maybe that is my job as a mom. I don't know - It just doesn't feel right sometimes. I wish I was a happy good mom.
On a happier note:
Braxton has some blue boxing gloves and Merrick is always trying to ware them - so Merrill made him his own pair. Merrick was so excited!
A guy that Merrill has been working with has kids that are getting to big for their Bouncy House - so he gave it to us. The boys love it! Merrick was a little nervous at first, but has gotten better and now loves to have Braxton bounce him.

We had waffles this morning - and Merrick wanted chocolate chips on his. I was happy to give him what he wanted.


Marin said...

haa haa!! Love the boxing gloves. Merrill is quite creative! Soo cute. And that big bounce looks sooo fun! And as for tips..hmmm can't help you out (maybe have some quiet time outs!)

Theresa said...

One thing that I have learned with all the behavioral therapists that have helped us with Jake is one warning. You say it once and if he doesn't mind it's a time out. It gets worse before it gets better. The time out I mean. Jake yelled, kicked and screamed a lot and sometimes still does. Then after a few days they get that you mean business and all I have to say is 1, 2, and I never get to
3. It's worked out for us. I like it cause I don't have time to get mad that he isn't listening. It's one strike and you're out. Give yourself a break. You have two busy boys and your growing another little baby. It's hard work and I know your a great mom to those boys.

hayley said...

What are you talking about! You are the bomb dot com mom with those boys. I have never seen such obedience at such a young age. It was so cute when Merrick went to time out:) Hey, your lucky you get to send one to preschool! Then it will really get quiet. Luke sure could use a boxing friend. HE ALWAYS wants to box and I am done. It hurts! I guess I should find him some gloves. I try to hurt him so he'll stop, but it just gets him going more!

hayley said...

OH yeah, is your morning sickness gone? 12 weeks, wahoo, I am counting down the days. I am dying.

Anonymous said...

The frustration as a mother - I strongly recommend a little weekend vacation - preferably with your own mother somewhere fairly close...where you can go to lunch, swim, shop, you know...stuff like that. Hope it works out.


Raadgep Fam said...

I love those gloves! I want some! lol super creative and fun. I cant believe how big your boys are now! WOW!
Advise on the boys I cant give as a mother but as a daycare provider and a Aunt I just say Breathe and remember your the boss not him!