Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Week in KY

I am not so sick that I cant blog. I have been in KY - at my in-laws house for a week with the cousins. It was very fun - the boys loved it! But we also only had dial-up Internet...so no e-mail or blogging for me. But now we are back. Got in last night at midnight (Home) and our sweet boys were up at 4 - ready to go. IF we had been in KY still - it would have been the right time to get up. Merrill is so good - and took them out and turned on Transformers.
The trip was so fun! Although I think my in-laws are a little crazy. They have a big garden and can green beans every summer. I think we picked about 40 gallons worth of green beans, and then canned them in 2 days. One day we did 56 pints and 6 quarts. Crazy much?! But they are really yummy....so I guess its kinda not crazy. They have raspberry bushes, and black berry. Tomatoes, Potatoes (YUM) bell peppers and other peppers (like banana), they have cucumbers out of their ears, and yellow squash and corn and butter nut squash and yams, and peas.

Braxton helping Papa dig up some potatoes
Merrick's favorite was the raspberries! He would crawl under the netting to go get a berry, eat it and make his way back out and then the one in his mouth would be gone, so he would have to go back in for another. I think he only spit out one the whole week we were there.

Merrick eating the yummy raspberries
Papa took all the kids on a ride on the riding lawn mower, and the 4-wheeler. And we got to watch a big fire when Johnny(Papa) had to burn his compost pile.

Here we are Saturday night making Sh'mos on the grill

On a poor/sad/bad note: I had 4 mi grains this week. But on a little better note - Jenn told me about

And all the wonders it can do for a pregnant woman with a wicked headache. Thank you Jenn!


J & J said...

I'm so glad I could help!!! We enjoyed the week. See you all at Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!


NoLessThanJess said...

My mom told me you are having horrible headaches! I am so sorry- I hope they get better soon. I am doing my labor and delivery rotation right now and I think about you when we assess pregnant women. Hope things improve!