Sunday, November 16, 2008

Naked Up-date

Wow - that was a lot of comments - about the naked thing. The anonymous comment was from my mother. (Bet none of you guessed that!) I didn't know it would get so heated....humm.
Merrick has been doing better today - I have kept him busy - not easy since we are trapped inside. Braxton and I had a nice trip to the E.R. because of croup. So we didn't go to church. We spent the day doing play-doe and playing with magnets and coloring (with markers and chalk).
For those of you who care - Merrick has been going to the C.D.C. (child development center) on post for 3 hours while Braxton is in Pre-school. Gives me some time alone.....anyways... I have been thinking and the naked thing happens after that and I think it is because the people who put the diapers on are doing it wrong - the front is not spared across the front all the way (so that the tabs are almost rubbing on his bare skin) leaving way for some chaffing to happen on his little tummy below the belly button. I think that is why he wants to get naked....gotta give the little rash some time to go away. So when we get home from 'school' I will have to make it my job to check and make sure he is diapered correctly.

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Marin said...

Hey Makenna, this is a random question but is it okay to take excedrin migraine when nursing?? Please let me know!!