Monday, November 3, 2008

Tummy Pictures

Annie wanted to see how big I was - and I realised that I haven't taken any yet. Merrill is gone for the day - so I took these.......I will get some better ones in a day or two! This is at 26 weeks. We are thinking of going to one of those 3-D ultra find out what the sex is, and so that Braxton can see the baby - he is so taken with my 'fat tummy' and blesses the baby in every prayer....he is so cute!


hayley said...

ow, ow! Lookin' good:) I really like your shirt

Theresa said...

You are lookin' really good! I think you guys should do the 3-D. It's so cool to watch. I with Braxton, do it, do it. And with how much you pay them they have to let you bring your kids in with you :)

Marin said...

such a cute tummy! Fun, fun!