Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Welcome Home To Me!

I had a good time in California - but it was way slow compared to what I am used to - with 2 small boys to keep in line all day long. We went shopping and I got some new maternity clothes, saw Madagascar 2, made some yummy Cream Cheese Brownies with Jessica, and saw Ren and Jessica's new little baby dog - Marcie (She is SO tiny!), went to Red Robin, Siamese Basil, Pat& Oscars, and Ulta and Fry's. With all that - I felt like we could have done more....and all I had was Sunday and Monday. We also made cookies for a church thing, and watched a few movies.
Of course, I could have done only 1 or 2 of these things IF the boys had been there, but it was still weired. Very slow and almost lonely. I loved seeing everyone - and being with my coughing mother and Natalie all day Monday.....and spending the day after church at Ren and Jessica's - but I am SO GLAD to be home! With MY family. Now that I have spent a weekend without ANY of the ding-dongs in my life - I am so thankful to have them back!
Merrill did a great job with the boys - having "Man Town".
The house was spotless when I got home too!
Got them all ready for church.
Made a roast for Sunday dinner.
Read to them to sleep every night.
And how nice - he even got me this poster of Edward
to greet me when I drove in to the garage!
(why is he so grouchy looking? I thought he would be happy to see me!)
The perfect ending to a nice quiet weekend.

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Theresa said...

The poster is so funny. I have to wait till Saturday to see the movie because Rachel has surgery on Friday. Can't wait!!! As embarressing as this is to admit, I watch the trailor at least once a day. Sad, I know.