Sunday, January 18, 2009

37 Weeks! (tomorrow)

Merrill and Annie and Braxton
Here is a current picture - in Merrill's Dr. Pepper pants - the only ones that are not too tight. I can still sport my GAP jeans that I have had since Braxton - but who wants to put on real clothes on a Sunday after church?!


Marin said...

Lookin GOOD!!! That is such a cute picture of Braxton! How is Annie liking BYUI??? I want her to come visit me and we can do some clogging!!!! Miss you guys!

Marin said...

Oh hey!
I still want some cool earings to purchase with my CHRISTMAS money!!! I like the ones you wear that almost look like flowers that are purple and green!

Theresa said...

So you could go anytime? I bet you'll be doin' lots of extra walking to try and get little Sophie out a little early. Hope she comes soon!