Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dish Soap Anyone?

I cant wait to have this baby. I am tired, achy, worn out, have a sore butt and just done hauling another person around. I know after I have this baby that I will have other aches and pains, the joys of recovery! But I am ready to trade what I have for what I know will come. I would also rather get up a few times in the night to feed the baby then get up 7 times to pee a whole tablespoon....what a wast of time! Right?!
This is all the stuff I went through with the boys....and this one. But this one has been made extra fun with something they call Pica. I have non-food cravings. It is said that an Iron deficiency is the cause......and I have always known that I was low on iron.....but this it getting silly.
Check this out.
Really - read some of the "Community Answers" at the bottom of the page, then come back and read about my cravings.
I think that dishwasher soap smells SOOO good! I would sniff it more, but the dust kinda stings my nose (not really, but I know it would if I tried). I love the smell of the green VitaBath. I also want to lick weired foam. I have found that brushing my tong with a LOT of toothpaste (and the right toothbrush) helps that craving go away. I do not crave ice like a lot of others. Hayley - do you?
And to top it off - Tonight while watching Dirty Jobs, they were painting the inside and out of some kind of big container with really strong paint -I thought, "I bet that smells SO GOOD!" I wish I could have been there to smell it.


Lisa said...

It's a good thing you're having this baby soon...otherwise you might start eating toilet paper like the others :). At least you know you're not alone. Only a few more days to go!

Botill Family said...

Man! If I had known that I would have brought soap or some fresh paint to your Super Bowl get-together instead of brownies!

hayley said...

Amen!! I am so ready to get this baby out too, I am in a lot of pain especially at night when I am trying to sleep:) That is so funny about your pica. As long as I don't start chewing on ice I am fine, but as soon as I start I can't stop. Did Braxton get a really cute party? Happy Birthday little man, Luke's first b-day was superbowl Sunday!

Anonymous said...

I think it all goes back to what you ate when you were a baby. You used to eat dirt from the plants I had around the house, you ate your great grandmothers ashes, clay, sidewalk chalk, yellow ice, laundry starch (straight from the can), baking soda, soap on a rope, crest toothpaste, paint chips right off the walls, plaster (also right off the walls), your own ear wax, hair, coffee grounds, and even cigarette butts from the ash trays outside the mall. It was grose, but you're just going back to your roots - embrace it!

Raadgep Fam said...

That is so funny, a friends mom of mine craved dirt. She would go out side and dig up fresh dirt and eat it! Craving are fun!