Monday, January 12, 2009


After Merrill's family all left, Merrill and I took the kids and drove to California for that 4 day weekend - New Year's. I didnt take any pictures - but Merrill and I went to Tanners for a party, played the movie game, and ate food. Merrill was tired from driving - so he went up stairs and slept on the couch in the TV room till it was time to go.
Annie (who is home from BYU Idaho) stayed at the house and watched the boys.
We had a nice weekend - eating at all the good places. We went to Play Werx is Carlsbad and the boys had a great time - So did Merrill.
When it was time to go home - Annie came with us. So she is here having all the fun Sierra Vista has to offer till I have the baby. She has watched the boys for us a few times...once for a 'hot date' (Braxton's words).

Today we took the boys out to ride their scooters (Thanks aunt Jenn!) and I thought I would take a few pictures. So here they are.....Boys on scooters and Annie.

And one of me - so you can all see how good I look being 36 weeks along. Only 4 to go!


Brynley said...

how fun to have Annie to help you with the boys. You only have one week left till Sofie is term. LuckY!!! I have been counting down the days. I know I shouldn't because it just makes each day longer. I'm jealous of your warm weather.

Anonymous said...

Boy Annie sure looks fat! She's kept up with you in the "weight gain" department...obviously. TM

Marin said...

You are sooo SMALL!!! You look great Makenna!

Theresa said...

You do look good Makenna but you don't need me to say that, you know it. We had a AWESOME time at Christmas, we just need to get together a little more often than every seven years :)